Emerson Dell Farm - Where we produce healthy food in harmony with nature
Our Pasture Raised Chickens
Chickens have returned to Emerson Dell Farm!!! 
We start 2 day old chicks in the old chicken house built by Great Grandpa Emerson in 1929 (as family lore has it with material salvaged from the Historic Umatilla House in The Dalles).
Once the chickens are large enough to leave the WWII era designed brooder, we move them out to pasture.  On the grass they shelter under a movable hoop house but forage freely on the grass protected by poultry netting.
We provide the birds with natural feed including grain we raise on the farm.
We anticipate 4-6#s meaty chickens.  They are priced at $4.00/# and are frozen whole.
Our chickens can be ordered for delivery at The Dalles Farmers Market from June to October or by reaching us at 541-296-4747 or emersondellfarm@gmail.com.