Emerson Dell Farm - Where we produce healthy food in harmony with nature
We are a fifth generation family farm located near The Dalles.  We believe in producing healthy food in harmony with nature.  We are committed to the long term health of the land, animals, and people involved in our farm. 
Our natural beeves are born on the farm and are pasture raised with:
·       No antibiotics
·       No artificial growth hormones
·       No GMO feeds
·       An all vegetarian diet 
Our goal is a flavorful, tender meal without extra fat.  For example, the burger will be lean unless you request it otherwise.  The beef will be custom cut and wrapped to your order in a USDA inspected facility and can be purchased as a whole, half or quarter beef.  Beef is priced by the hanging weight and will be delivered frozen to you in May and June.   We anticipate these animals to have hanging weights between 650 and 800 pounds.  After boning, trimming fat and cutting into ready to cook portions, a whole beef should produce between 325 and 400 pounds of meat.
Spring 2011 Pricing  
                                   Whole                         Half                          Quarter
Hanging Weight (hw)    650-800 #s                325-400 #s                  160-200 #s Pounds of Beef         325-400 #s                160-200 #s                 80-100 #s Delivered Price**           $2.10/# hw                $2.15/# hw               $2.25/# Cutting and Wrapping*  $.55/# hw*                 $.55/# hw*                $.59/#*
Processing Fee*            $75                            $37.50                      $18.75
Estimated Total Cost   $1925                         $980                         $515
**Delivery beyond the Portland metro andColumbia Gorge region negotiable
* Processing costs increased 9/1/2010
We take our role as stewards of the land and livestock seriously and invite you to become a part of the circle of sustainability of our farm by enjoying this quality beef.  We guarantee your satisfaction.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with the beef we will buy it back.  
To see photos of the farm and learn more about us, pleasevisit .  To order, or if you have any questions, contact us at 541-296-4747 or emersondellfarm@gmail.com.  When you place an order, we will go through detailed cutting instructions with you to help package your beef in the best way for your family.  We don’t require deposits but we do expect full payment upon delivery. We encourage you to reserve your beef early as we do have a limited supply of beeves.  
David, Margaret, Liam and Riley Brewer
Emerson Dell Farm
6124 Emerson-Roberts Market Road
The Dalles, OR  97058